Boating Regulations

The Morden Police Service is promoting safe boating again this summer.  Morden Police patrol Lake Minnewasta and will do periodic inspections both on the lake and shore of boats and personal watercraft.

When we do checks, every boat or personal watercraft must have the following equipment on board:

-Lifejackets of appropriate size for each person(s) on board. We encourage occupants to wear them

-A sound signaling device (whistle or air horn)

-Bailer or operating bilge pump

-Inboard engines must have an appropriate fire extinguisher.

-At least one paddle

-Buoyant heaving line minimum 15 meters (49.3 Feet.)

-All boat operators must have a pleasure craft operators license on their person.

-All boats must display registration numbers on the front bow of the boat or watercraft.  You must be able to produce that registration certificate as well.

If your boat is not registered contact Transport Canada to register your boat or visit the following link (

Liquor is not permitted to be consumed on a boat or shore of the lake at any time.

If towing person(s) each person must be wearing an appropriate approved  size lifejacket. The boat must have a responsible person acting as lookout/spotter in addition to the driver.  The boat must be capable of transporting all person(s) being pulled on water in addition to the persons in the boat.

A Jet ski must be a three seater to tow one person (Driver, Spotter and person being towed).

Failing to have a responsible lookout person in addition to driver on board while towing person(s) is a Criminal Offence in Canada punishable by a fine up to $5000 and or 6 months in jail.

Operators failing to abide by the above noted conditions may be fined and escorted off the lake.

After being on the lake you are not permitted to tow a boat with a vehicle and persons riding in the boat.  Both the vehicle driver and boat occupants are subject to fines under the Highway Traffic Act.

Questions or Concerns about the safe operation of boats and personal water craft on the lake should be directed to the Morden Police Service (204)822-4900.