The Morden Police Service is currently not accepting applications for the position of Police Constable. Application deadline was January 18, 2016 at 4:00pm.

Applicants are asked to submit the application in person or by mail. Previous accredited police training is an asset, but not essential. Applicants MUST obtain an application package from the Morden Police Service in person, request one by phone, or download one from the link below.  This package will contain the information and documents required to apply for the position.  The competition includes written testing, physical testing, medical examinations, interviews and background investigations, which is summarized below.

Please download the application package from the following link:

Police Applicant Package – December 2015


MPS Minimum Standards

1. Age – Not less than 18 years of age

2. Residency – Canadian citizen or permanent resident

3. Education – Completed grade 12 in Manitoba, or achieved a grade 12 standing through GED, or achieved a standing the Chief of Police deems not less than grade 12 in Manitoba

4. Driving License – Minimum class 5.0 in Manitoba or equivalent in another province, and must be upgraded to a class 4.0 upon hire

5. Health – Excellent health and physical condition. Applicants progressing through application must successfully pass a physical fitness test

6. Criminal Record – Must have clear CR, or received pardon prior to application. Applications will not be processed where there is an outstanding criminal prosecution against the applicant

7. Vision – Must have 20/60 in one eye, 20/200 in the other, OR combination or 20/80 in both or better without visual aids. Applicants must also pass the Titmus colour plate test, Ishihara colour plate test, or the Farnsworth D-15 colour vision test

8. Writing – Good writing skills necessary, as a spelling test and essay are included in the competition


Application Documents Required

1. Application for Engagement form

2. Personal Resume (including 3 character references)

3. Birth Certificate or Proof of Citizenship

4. Grade 12 or G.E.D. Diploma

5. Authorization Form

Successful applicants will then be required to provide the following:

 – Driver’s Abstract

 – Vision Report

 – Medical Clearance Form


Selection Process Summary

1. Application Evaluation – Review to ensure candidate meets all requirements

2. Selection of Long List – Approximately 10-15 candidates continue

3. Work-related Education Test & Essay – 2.5 hour job-related examination including “Integrity and Lifestyles” questionnaire

4. Physical Fitness Test – “The Canadian Standardized Test of Fitness”

5. Initial Interview

6. Child Abuse Registry check

7. Selection of Short List – Approximately 3-6 candidates continue

8. Background Investigation

9. Interview #2

10. Final Selection – Hire still subject to approval by training academy