MPS Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Morden – Manitoba’s safest community.

We maintain high ethical standards on and off duty.

We are answerable to those we work with and the community.

We Function within our legal authority, using discretion with competence, fairness, and honesty.

Respect We value diversity, building inclusive partnerships, and will be fair and consistent in our interactions with each other and the community.

To reduce crime and provide a safe environment through strategic policing and strong community partnerships.

  • Promote road safety and driver responsibility.
  • Promote neighbourhood safety and the security of property.
  • Promote bike and pedestrian safety.
  • Participate in traffic enforcement initiatives.
  • Monitor the activities of the Community Resource Officer to identify community needs.
  • Continued participation in working groups to exchange knowledge and identify community needs.
  • Enhance visibility by creatively engaging with the community.
  • Continue to support the Citizens on Patrol Program.
  • Collaborate with other law enforcement agencies on joint projects.
  • Facilitate community presentations and education about drugs and drug enforcement laws.
  • Create investigative units or assign dedicated personnel to specialize in drug enforcement initiatives.
  • Deliver on health and wellbeing.
  • Promote competitive wages and benefits.
  • Foster a learning culture and opportunities for professional development.
  • Number of social media posts and followers.
  • Promotional activities related to bike and pedestrian safety.
  • Participation in provincial initiatives.
  • Number of Community Resource Officer activities and initiatives.
  • Number of community meetings attended.
  • Number of community engagements.
  • Number of Citizens on Patrol Program volunteer hours.
  • Number of joint force operations.
  • Number of drug-related presentations.
  • Number of K9 drug deployments.
  • Number of drug investigations.
  • Health and wellbeing supports.
  • Compensation compared to other jurisdictions.
  • Number of educational opportunities.
  • Officer compliment reflective of community growth and service needs.