9:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday

Police officers can be reached 24 hours a day at (204) 822-4900 or 9-1-1

Notice of Mandatory Identification Requirements

Applicants must provide two valid pieces of government-issued identification (ID), one of which must include the applicant's name, date of birth, signature, photo and expiry date.

Primary identification must include a photo and be one of the following:

  • Driver's licence
  • Passport
  • Aboriginal status card
  • Identification card from a motor vehicle registry
  • FAST card from Canada Border Services Agency
  • Permanent resident card
  • Other photo ID Secondary identification can be one of the following: • Birth certificate • Social insurance number • Manitoba health card • Citizenship card • Firearms licence • Immigration papers • Department of National Defence card • NEXUS card
  • Other secondary ID

If you are unable to meet the mandatory ID requirements, please contact Morden Police Service. We reserve the right to require further identification in order to confirm your identity.

In-Person Process:
  • Checks are conducted during business hours at MPS for residents of Morden (out of town requests must be brought to your local RCMP or city police)
  • Residents must attend MPS in person and present 2 pieces of identification, one of which must include a photo.
  • Application form must be completed and signed
  • Criminal Record checks will NOT be completed on the same day, so please allow sufficient time for completion.
  • The cost of the Criminal Record Check is $20.00 for paid positions.
  • The cost of the Criminal Record Check is waived for volunteer positions if supplied with a volunteer letter from the organization.
Online Process:
  • Complete online application
  • Upload two government-issued pieces of identification, one of which must include a photo
  • For those applying for volunteer positions, a volunteer letter will be required before your certificate is released to you.

The cost of fingerprinting for pardons, immigration or employment purposes is $40.00. Appointments are required for fingerprints and certificates will not be completed on the same day. Please contact our office if you have questions regarding wait times.

How do I obtain a Child Abuse Registry Check?

For more information on how to obtain a Child Abuse Registry Check, please visit:

Child Abuse Registry

Please note that we do not witness photocopies of identification for Child Abuse Registry purposes.

How do I obtain an Adult Abuse Registry Check?

For more information on how to obtain a Child Abuse Registry Check, please visit:

Adult Abuse Registry

Please note that we do not witness photocopies of identification for Adult Abuse Registry purposes.

Any person may apply for a check to determine if his or her name is listed on the Registry. Applications can be downloaded at the following link:


You can apply in-person to Provincial Services, 102-114 Garry Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 1G1

  • If you dialled 9-1-1 accidentally and do not have an emergency, DO NOT HANG UP. Stay on the line and tell the call-taker it was an accident. If you hang up, we do not know if you are safe or in danger, and we will have to call back or send the police to check on you.
  • In case of an emergency, dial 9-1-1 for police, fire or medical emergencies when immediate action is required: a life or property is in danger, a crime is in progress, or you have a medical emergency.
  • If you have a question or a non-emergency, call 822-6292 during business hours or 822-4900 after business hours.
  • If you have been involved in or witnessed a serious motor vehicle accident, please call 9-1-1
  • Police do not need to be contacted if the following is met:
    1. No one is physically injured
    2. all involved vehicles can still be safely driven
    3. drivers can effectively exchange their particulars
    4. there is no indication anyone was engaged in criminal driving activities (ie: impaired driving, hit & run)
    5. If any of the above conditions are not met (someone is injured, at least one vehicle is not drivable or blocking traffic, or you suspect criminal activity), you must call the Morden Police Service at 822-4900 to have an officer attend.
  • Move the damaged vehicles off the roadway to avoid impeding traffic. Exchange information at the side of the road. Information required from the individuals involved includes the driver’s name and licence number; vehicle licence plate number; current time, date and location.
  • Report the incident directly to Manitoba Public Insurance. Hit and Run accidents must be reported to MPS within 7 days of the accident to complete a Traffic Accident Report.

The Morden Police Service is not able to offer up-to-date information on highway conditions as a result of weather and other circumstances.

Provincial highway conditions and information can be found by calling 1-877-627-6237, or through the following internet link: http://www.gov.mb.ca/mit/roadinfo/

If and when you come across property that you feel has been either lost or stolen, please drop it off at the Morden Police Service during business hours

If it is after business hours, please contact 822-4900 and make arrangements with the on-duty officers

Morden Police Service no longer holds an annual police bike auction. Bikes that have not been claimed are fixed and brought to local thrift stores.
  • Report it to the police immediately. We suggest you keep a file on your computer with the bicycle description. (Make, model, serial number, colour, number of gears, any special markings or unique features that identify it as yours.) A digital photo is also a good idea
  • We recommend you check back monthly to see if it has been found. We keep a database of stolen or missing bikes and each time we recover a bicycle we compare that bicycle to the database and attempt to find the owner
  • Remember a locked bicycle is less likely to be taken when other unlocked bicycles are nearby
  • The City of Morden by-law stipulates that a resident of Morden can drive their snowmobile in the most direct route in exiting the City of Morden and returning to the same. In case of impassable streets due to snow, exceptions can be made
  • No one shall drive within 30 meters of a residence between 12:00 am and 7:00 am
  • No one shall drive within 30 meters of an unfenced playground or school
  • Out-of-town snowmobiles must stop at Mountain St. from the West, and 2nd St. from the East.
  • All other off-road vehicles, such as four-wheelers, must be transported in and out of Morden on an appropriate trailer
The City of Morden By-Law Officer handles stray and vicious dogs, who can be reached at 823-1210. If there is immediate danger to human lives call 9-1-1 or (204) 822-4900.
  • Please contact the Humane Society or the 24-hour Veterinarian line at 822-4333
  • If it is a large animal such as a deer, contact police at 822-4900
  • Manitoba Conservation office in Manitou can also be contacted at 242-2950
Parking tickets issued by the Morden Police Service are payable at the City of Morden office located at 100-195 Stephen Street.
Provincial Offence Notice’s issued anywhere in the Province of Manitoba may be paid at any court house in Manitoba, including the Morden Provincial Court office at 301 Wardrop Street.

Yes! Contrary to popular belief, the city noise by-law is in effect 24 hours a day. If at any time there is a noise that you feel is excessive, contact police at (204) 822-4900, and police will use their discretion in dealing with the matter.

If you live in an apartment block, contact the building manager or landlord with the complaint, and they will contact the police if they feel it is necessary

During the winter months, Morden has a snow clearing parking ban in effect during and after heavy snowfalls. Residents are asked to remove parked vehicles and refrain from parking on public streets and lanes during and after snowfall events which will require the removal of accumulated snow.

You may resume parking on streets after snow removal operations have been completed, and might be ticketed if your vehicle is not off the streets during the snow removal.

For assistance contact, the City of Morden Public Works at (204) 822-5119

The Morden Police Service does not have a policy that states when a person can or cannot be reported as missing.

Be it a young child, teenager, or elderly person, if you are concerned that this person is lost or missing, please contact the Morden Police Service at (204) 822-4900 and an officer will gather the necessary information and determine the magnitude of the situation.

People interested in obtaining a firearms licence or registering a firearm can contact the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program at 1-800-731-4000, or visit their website at www.cfc-cafc.gc.ca
  • You can call the Morden Police Service.  A police officer will attend your residence and take your firearms and ammunition for destruction.
  • Do not bring firearms and ammunition to the police station.  You will be given a file number and receipt for surrendering your firearms
MPS uses two different tow companies which include:
    • Morden Autobody Ltd. – 189 Cochlan Drive, Morden, MB   (204) 822-4566
    • Midnite Towing Inc – 41 Jefferson Street, MB  (204) 822-5811
  • Please contact any tow company or locksmith
  • MPS is not equipped to assist with such an incident
  • The Morden Police Service accepts applications for Police Constable on a varying basis
  • To see if MPS is currently accepting applications, please visit the Employment page.
MPS sends new police officers to the Winnipeg Police Service Training Academy. We receive the same basic training as a police officer in Winnipeg. Further upgrading courses are taken through the Canadian Police College in Ottawa, as well as courses put on through Winnipeg PS, Brandon PS, RCMP, and occasionally courses are held locally for members to upgrade their skills. MPS has also recently sent new recruits to the Saskatchewan Police College in Regina, SK.
No, the Morden Police do not have a quota system. All members are expected to issue tickets when they see an offence occur.
  • Call the Morden Police Service.  You will be asked to identify yourself.  Your name and information will not be passed onto your neighbours.  Your information will be held in strictest confidence.
  • We do appreciate your calls and concern for a safer community.   Please be patient though.  Police have to investigate these complaints.  If they are substantiated police may still have to obtain enough information to obtain a search warrant.  Sometimes this process can take a few weeks or months.
  • Call the Morden Police Service and ask for the investigating officer.  If the officer is not working another member may be able to assist you.
  • We also have a Victim Services person that can call you with regular updates about the court process if someone has been charged.

Morden Police patrol Lake Minnewasta and will do periodic inspections both on the lake and shore of boats and personal watercraft.

When we do checks, every boat or personal watercraft must have the following equipment on board:

  • Lifejackets of appropriate size for each person(s) on board. We encourage occupants to wear them
  • A sound signalling device (whistle or air horn)
  • Bailer or operating bilge pump
  • Inboard engines must have an appropriate fire extinguisher.
  • At least one paddle
  • Buoyant heaving line minimum 15 meters (49.3 Feet.)
  • All boat operators must have a pleasure craft operators license on their person.
  • All boats must display registration numbers on the front bow of the boat or watercraft. You must be able to produce that registration certificate as well.

If your boat is not registered contact Transport Canada to register your boat or visit the following link https://tc.canada.ca/en/marine-transportation/marine-safety/office-boating-safety.

Liquor is not permitted to be consumed on a boat or shore of the lake at any time.

If towing person(s) each person must be wearing an appropriately approved size lifejacket. The boat must have a responsible person acting as a lookout/spotter in addition to the driver. The boat must be capable of transporting all person(s) being pulled on the water in addition to the persons in the boat.

A Jetski must be a three-seater to tow one person (Driver, Spotter and person being towed).

Failing to have a responsible lookout person in addition to the driver on board while towing person(s) is a Criminal Offence in Canada punishable by a fine up to $5000 and or 6 months in jail.

Operators failing to abide by the above-noted conditions may be fined and escorted off the lake.

After being on the lake you are not permitted to tow a boat with a vehicle and persons riding in the boat. Both the vehicle driver and boat occupants are subject to fines under the Highway Traffic Act.

Questions or Concerns about the safe operation of boats and personal watercraft on the lake should be directed to the Morden Police Service (204)822-4900.