60 Seconds Safety with CRO Forster: Road Safety Tips in a Minute

Welcome to the “60 Seconds Safety” series with CRO (Community Resource Officer) Forster!

In this collection of quick and informative videos, CRO Forster provides essential safety tips for different road users. Whether you’re a vehicle driver, cyclist, or pedestrian, these bite-sized videos will equip you with the knowledge and awareness to navigate the roads safely. Discover the importance of following road rules, avoiding distractions, wearing helmets, and making eye contact with others. Join CRO Forster now and become a responsible road user, helping to create a safer road environment. Watch each 60-second video and learn valuable tips in an instant!


Welcome to 60 Seconds Safety with Community Resource Officer Forster! In this informative 60-second video, CRO Forster provides crucial safety guidelines for cyclists. Discover the importance of following the rules of the road, wearing a helmet, and paying attention to the road. From looking both ways before proceeding to walking your bike across crosswalks, these tips will help you ride responsibly and share the road effectively. Join us now and learn how to make eye contact with drivers and pedestrians for enhanced safety.

Vehicle Drivers

In this video, join Community Resource Officer Forster as he shares essential safety tips for all vehicle drivers. Learn how to follow the rules of the road, drive responsibly, avoid distractions, and ensure the safety of everyone on the road. From school speed zones to making eye contact with cyclists and pedestrians, this video will equip you with the knowledge and awareness to become a safer driver. Watch now and be a part of creating a safer road environment.


Community Resource Officer Forster is back with another episode of 60 Seconds Safety! In this 60-second video, CRO Forster shares valuable safety advice for pedestrians. Discover the importance of using sidewalks and walking on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic. Learn how to look both ways before crossing the road, use designated crosswalks, and make eye contact with drivers and cyclists. With these tips, you can remain safe while walking and contribute to a safer road environment. Don’t miss out on this essential safety information – watch now!