July 8th, 2021

At 1:33 am, police were dispatched to an apartment complex for a noise complaint. When police arrived, they located a male and female arguing at the back of the complex. The female stated that she had been drinking with a family that lived in one of the apartments and now her purse was missing. When police spoke with the family, they stated that they did not take the purse. The female agreed to go home and attempt to get her belongings in the morning.

At 3:19 am, while on general patrol, police observed a male sitting on a bench at the corner of 6th Street and Stephen Street. The male, who was bleeding from the head, advised that he fell and hit his head while walking. Morden Police assisted in contacting an ambulance. The male was assessed and transported to a medical health facility.

Morden Police Service received a report of a broken window on the north side of the Morden Collegiate Institute. Police continue to investigate the matter.

Morden Police received a call from an individual requesting a well-being check on a female. The caller became concerned when the female missed an appointment and had not been in contact with anyone in a few days. Police located the female who was in good health.

Police received a report of a scam. A business owner reported that they sent two e-transfers to a supplier totalling $5368.83. Both e-transfers were sent to the right address but were never received by the supplier. Police are continuing to investigate this matter.