September 13th, 2021

Back to School  

A reminder to motorists with school back in session for another year, there will be an increased amount of traffic including cyclists and pedestrians. Allow yourself some extra time to get to and from your destination. Be aware of the pedestrian crosswalks and corridors and generally allow for cyclists and pedestrians crossing at all intersections. Extra caution should always be taken travelling in and around school zones. Be aware of school buses preparing to stop as well. Motorists are required to stop when the emergency lights on school buses are activated, both following and approaching school buses. Drivers are reminded that they are to stop no less than 5 metres from the school bus when its lights are activated and remain stopped until the lights are shut off. One must wait until the emergency lights are deactivated before travel may be resumed. The fine for passing a school bus is $672.00 and demerit points. 

The crossing guards at our schools play an important role in the safety of the students coming to and leaving school. Each year, we get several complaints of drivers failing to comply with the crossing guards’ signals – driving through the intersection while students are in the middle of the crossing, failing to stop at stop signs, and generally travelling at speeds or in a manner that is unsafe. Again, we ask that motorists be extra cautious in the school zones and help keep our community safe!

Respectfully Submitted, 

B.J.(Brad) Neduzak, Chief of Police
Morden Police Service