January 14th, 2021

While on general patrol, a member of the Morden Police Service was flagged down by an individual who just witnessed a hit and run take place. The victim stated that he was driving his black 2001 VW Passat westbound on North Railway Street when a silver SUV drove out of the Giant Tiger parking lot, travelling northbound, causing the Passat to T-bone the SUV. The victim tried to brake to avoid the collision but was unable to due to icy road conditions. Police located the driver of the grey 2005 Chevrolet Equinox who was unaware that they had been involved in an accident. After inspection of the SUV, the damage was located in the spot that the Passat had struck. The officer assisted both parties in exchanging particulars and referred them to MPI.

At 4:00 pm, police received a call from a mother who stated that her child just came home and told her that a black SUV approached her child and their friend. The driver, who was described as wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, asked the youths if they wanted a ride and some candy. The youths said no and the vehicle left. Police had been patrolling this area at the time the youths stated this happened. When questioned further, one of the youths admitted to making up the story for attention. Police cautioned the youth about making false reports and the importance of being honest. The youth was apologetic and was issued a verbal warning.