January 26th, 2021

Police received a report of a historical sexual assault.  Police are continuing their investigation.

At 2:20 pm, police were dispatched to a residence regarding a possible domestic dispute.  Police attended the residence and spoke to the occupant who advised that she had been arguing with her mother’s boyfriend but he had since left the residence.  No assaults had occurred and no charges were laid as a result of this incident.

Police received a report of a lost Apple Ipad.  The Ipad is in a black case and the owner believes it may have fallen off a vehicle while travelling on Fairway Drive.

Police received a report of a hit and run accident that occurred at the corner of Mountain Street and Thornhill Street.  On January 25th at approximately 3:45 pm, the driver of a white Ford F150 advised he was stopped facing north at the lights on Mountain Street when an older SUV ran into his rear bumper.  He was unable to pull over as the traffic was heavy so he turned into a nearby parking lot to exchange information.  The other driver of the other vehicle continued on without stopping to exchange particulars.