July 12th, 2021

At 11:18 am, Morden Police were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident at the corner of 1st Street and Thornhill Street. The driver of a green 1995 Jeep Cherokee was driving westbound on Thornhill Street when it struck a red 2010 Ford F150 that was driving eastbound on Thornhill Street and attempting to make a northbound turn onto 1st Street. No injuries were reported at the time however both vehicles were towed from the scene. Both drivers were advised to report the accident to Manitoba Public Insurance within seven days.

Police received a report of a scam. An adult male received a social media request to friend an unknown person. Shortly after he accepted the request, he received a text message stating that the person had an inappropriate video of the male and that the video would be posted unless they received money. The male sent $500 through Western Union and is currently out that money. He was advised to cancel all accounts and change all his passwords.

Police received a report of a scam. A female was attempting to sell university books online and received an email from someone interested in purchasing the books. An agreement was made to purchase the books and a cheque was sent in the mail. The scammer instead sent an image of the cheque for a larger sum and requested an e-transfer back for the remainder. The female did as requested and is currently out that money.

At 9:50 pm, police received a complaint of loud music coming from the balcony of an apartment. Police attended the residence and spoke with the tenants who had already turned down the music.

At 11:20 pm, police responded to a report of a female yelling inside a residence. Police attended and spoke with a male and female who were arguing about their unborn child. Police confirmed that no assaults had taken place and spoke with the female who agreed to leave her boyfriend’s residence for the night.