July 17th, 2021

At 11:30 am, police were dispatched to a residence in regards to an assault. When police arrived, they were met at the door by a female who was visibly upset and crying. She stated that her husband had gotten angry and swung a stick at her. She took the stick away and he hit her in the face. Police located the male inside the residence and advised him that he was under arrest. The 40-year-old male from Morden was charged with one count of domestic assault and will be appearing in Morden Provincial Court in October.

At 8:30 pm, police were dispatched to a residence for a male causing a disturbance in an apartment. When police arrived, they found a male and female who were intoxicated. The female stated that the male was no longer welcome to stay and that he was causing problems. The male, who was argumentative, refused to leave and stated that he had no place to stay for the night. Police arrested the individual under the Intoxicated Persons Detention Act and transported him to the Morden Police Service.  He was lodged in cells until sober and released in the morning without charges.

At 11:34 am, police were dispatched to a residence in regards to a male attempting to enter the residence. When police arrived, the caller stated that she knew the male and that he had already left. Police also learned that they were in a relationship and that they live together. Police located the male who agreed to not return to their shared residence for the evening.