June 28th, 2021

At 2:07 pm, police received a complaint of a barking dog. The caller was concerned for the well-being of the dog as it had been outside barking for several hours. Police attended and confirmed that the dog was in good health. The caller stated that they would speak with the owners regarding the constant barking.

At 8:20 pm, police were dispatched to a domestic disturbance at a residence. When police arrived, they observed a female exiting the residence quickly, and her boyfriend following her. The female stated that while she and her boyfriend were arguing, the boyfriend’s brother had pushed her into a table, causing her to fall and hit her head and shoulder. While police were speaking with the victim, the brother was found leaving the back of the residence. A 22-year-old male from Morden was arrested for Assault. He will be appearing in Morden Provincial Court in September.