May 12th, 2021

At 10:35 am, police received a call from a mother requesting assistance with her son. The mother stated that she was concerned for her son as he was not acting like himself. When police arrived, they learned that the son was slightly intoxicated as a result of his father’s recently passing away but that he did not have intentions of harming himself or anyone else. The mother stated that she did not want her son in the house any longer. The son agreed to return to his residence in Winnipeg and police assisted in calling a taxi for him.

Police received a report of a scam. The caller stated that he received a text message from Bell/MTS stating that he had credit on his account and needed to accept the funds through e-transfer. When the caller did this, he noticed that $500 was taken from his bank account. He then contacted Bell/MTS who informed him that this was a scam. The caller contacted his bank who is investigating further.

Police received a report of a hit and run that happened while parked at Minnewasta Golf Course on May 11th. The victim stated that when he came back to his vehicle, he noticed damage to the rear passenger side of his grey 2011 Chevrolet Silverado. No information was left behind. Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Morden Police Service at 204-822-4900.

At 2:52 pm, police received a report of a young child that did not make it home from school. Police and family searched the area and requested that a family member return to the residence in case the child returned. A short while later, police learned that the child had returned home. The child informed police and family that he went for a walk while on his way home from school.