May 2nd, 2021

Morden Police were dispatched to a residence at 12:32 am in regards to a noise complaint. Police attended and spoke with the homeowner who stated that she would turn down the music.

Police received a call from Public Health requesting police attend an organization while they issued tickets for violating health restrictions.

Police received a complaint of too many people at a church, in contravention of Public Health Orders. Police attended and found everyone to be following the current restrictions.

At 3:03 pm, police received a complaint of a black van that was stopped in the road, making it difficult for traffic to go around. Police attended and observed the vehicle to be parking in a no-parking zone. The owner, who was not in the vehicle, was contacted and asked to move his vehicle.

Police received a complaint from an individual that stated that his ex-girlfriend was driving impaired, with their children in the vehicle. Police located the vehicle and advised the female of the complaint. The female provided a breath sample to a roadside screening device which resulted in her being below the legal limit. No charges were laid as a result of this incident.

Morden Police received a complaint from an individual stating that his ex-wife was at his hotel room door kicking it. The caller advised that there is a no-contact order between the two and he did not want to let her in. Police attended but the female had already left. Police searched the area but were unable to locate her. Police informed the caller to contact the police if she returned.

Police received a report of a possible domestic disturbance at an apartment. Police attended and spoke to the tenant who was arguing with another male and female. The male and female left and the tenant agreed to go to bed.